An A-Zee of Differences of Living in the US vs. Australia

About this Blog


So why this blog? There are quite a few entertaining ones on this topic already that I love reading.

And to my mates that know me well, why am I blogging exactly 3 years after I emigrated from Australia to the USA due to a rather long distance love turned to, well, wanting it to be short distance?

Well, this is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek guide of an alphabetis(z)ed listing of differences, from tiny to large, of relocating to, living and working in the US vs. Australia.

Each week or so, I’ll add a brief post of a difference, starting with A and systematically representing each letter of the B through to Z. So by week 26, give or take, I would have covered A through to Zee. But any Aussie who has lived in the US and vice versa knows there are a million more idiosyncrasies 😉 So if there is a modicum of interest, I’ll add to A, B, and so on and so forth…

Beginning this on my 3-year anniversary of living in the US, as I feel like I know enough to blog at least a few reliable things after living, working, and traveling in this country which has not yet ceased to amaze me and amuse me with its diversity and beauty.

Largely aimed to be helpful for Aussies who are going to the US whether for just a decent holiday (aka vacation) or to live for awhile, and vice versa.

Or just for those that are curious. Just hope curiosity doesn’t kill the cat.

Enjoy 😉

DISCLAIMER: This blog compares my limited life experiences from 2 cosmopolitan Aussie cities: Sydney (Australia’s often-mistaken-for-capital city) and Canberra (the real capital city) – to another neat city: Orlando, Florida.

I have travel(l)ed a fair bit in Aus and in the US (see ‘About Me’). I’ll try to be accurate. But let’s face it, it’s still hard. US and Australia (esp. US) are both massively culturally diverse countries – living in one city or state can have a few significant differences from another. 

So what I write may be completely irrelevant to your locale. If I’m totally off base about something, feel free to comment or contact me. But do keep in mind the context, so plz keep it civil 😉